Shenzhen Arcuchi Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier focused on automation solutions, focus on research, development, production and promotion of automation technology. The company is based on customer needs and adapts to changes in customer needs, providing customers with the best, cost-effective automation solutions to help customers succeed.
    The working performance of our products to achieve a real breakthrough. You don't need expensive prices for top quality dedicated control systems. The most reliable thing is that all the functions of the product are tested on site and have high stability. Its rich features and operational experience please.

Why choose ARCUCHI?

Multi processor architecture is advanced, reliability design industry, improve the hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, motor control technology, a variety of A/D analog, I/O control module, encoder module, field bus interface rich.

Cooperative partner

We are committed to working with all sectors of the first-class companies to work together to create excellence products