Industry-specific controller
· Based on the subdivision of intelligent manufacturing production equipment, arcuchi technology provides special control systems for industrial applications to meet the automation, intelligence and differentiation needs of industrial customers. The industry-specific control system comes from the accurate understanding and accurate realization of the production process in the manufacturing industry. It is widely used in stamping, hydraulic, bending, line / pipe forming, rubber and plastic machine and other industries.
Programmable Controllers
· Based on more than ten years of experience in equipment automation and production process control, arcuchi technology has created a flexible, stable and reliable industrial control brain. arcuchi large-scale programmable controller adopts the "building block" splicing structure design, which can realize the arbitrary splicing and remote cascade of each interface module. The 800Mbps bus design can support more than 2500 IO access, and meet the applications of large-scale and distributed control, such as factory automation, production line automation and rapid customization of non-standard equipment.
Servo system
· arcuchi technology, together with the industry's leading motion control manufacturers, customized and launched a series of general-purpose and electro-hydraulic servo systems, and the architecture design of "servo drive + control" to meet more complex and precise motion control applications.
Detection products
· It is applicable to the detection of various products. It uses a shared screen with relevant series of control systems. It is simple to debug, cost-effective, multi-dimensional software correction algorithm, and higher yield
MES system
· It is suitable for control system integration, supports more uplink and downlink interaction, multi interface access of PC + mobile terminal, more convenient management, 5-minute management daily report system, intuitive and easy to use
Service products
· arcuchi technology provides you with training services, non-standard automation customization consulting services and non-standard automation customization development services
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