8-inch~17-inch series

· 8-inch~17-inch series touch screen is a universal human-computer interaction module designed by Arcuchi Technology.

· The series panel integrates U disk upgrade, remote desktop, 2G/4G communication module (remote access), MES interface, 3D engine, ETH/RS422 /RS485 communication interface and other functions to meet the application requirements of customized development and MES system access in various non-standard industries.


S1-8Inch single screen

S1-10Inch single screen

S3-7Inch single screen

S3-8Inch single screen

S3-10Inch single screen

S3-15Inch single screen

S3-17Inch single screen

S3-21Inch single screen

For detailed selection reference, please consult local offices.

Please go to the “Support and Services – Data Download” section of this website to check and download.

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