Detection products

Capacitive length inspection system
· It is applicable to the detection of small and medium-sized springs. Combined with the compression spring control system, it uses dustproof and antifouling, durable, built-in length inspection, simple debugging, convenient calibration, multi-dimensional software correction algorithm, and higher yield
Visual inspector system
· It is applicable to the detection of springs of all sizes. It uses a shared screen with the compression spring control system. It has the advantages of simple debugging, cost-effective, multi-dimensional software correction algorithm and higher yield
Tonnage meter
· 4-channel tonnage value collection, multi-angle monitoring of force value; support zero-setting, zero-point tracking, manual zero-setting, automatic handling of zero-drift problems; · detection accuracy: 1±0.5%, detection response: 1ms, support curve storage and reading functions, Data is not lost; · supports the storage of up to 2000 tonnage data, can generate documents and export to U disk, and the data analysis is clear at a glance.
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